The Hidden Elephant

The Hidden Elephant... that extremely large one standing in the middle of the room...
the one that you can see but your friends and family can't...


This is a comprehensive, informative South African website (not restricted to just South Africans though) for those that have realised there's 'something going on' and don't know where to look for more information. We have done our utmost to look for reliable and consistent sources that cover a variety of subjects to help you. At a later stage, we are looking at implementing the specifically designed Social Wiiv platform where you can engage with like-minded individuals.

Current CV19 events articles, etc. usually comes from well-researched individuals and experts, to assist you in making informative choices. There are self-awareness 'tools' to help you stay sane and get through this.

The other various subjects that this site covers are:

Coffee Quickies - a variety of topics including quick self awareness tips & tools.
  Cleaning Up - for those wanting information on free energy, latest clean tech, deep state, emancipation from Maritime Law, changes in education, etc.
  Farside Walking - some entertaining and very informative 'off-the-wall' info to stretch your mind about yourself & your perceptions.
  Keep It Healthy - natural immune recipes & info, statistical well-researched data for CV19 and natural healing therapies, etc.
  Local is 'Lekker' - South Africans that are making a difference in helping us wake up, fight crime, know the truth and educating at grass roots.

... and much more!

We are three 'Ellies' (Mrs Red, Miss Blue & Ms Green), we all have full time jobs and our own special interest areas and are doing this because we care about this beautiful country of ours with all its people and the rest in this magnificent natural world we live in.

We are endeavouring to bring as much information as possible to empower people during these strange times and realise that we cannot be 'everywhere' at once... so, if you come across information that has empowerment and/or upliftment value to assist others on their spiritual and/or physical journey, then please feel free to email us.


Enjoy the ride... as we head out into unchartered waters that humanity has never before known...