Russell Targ spent several decades at Stanford Research Institute studying remote viewing for the CIA, or 'non-locality' as the Tibetan Buddhists knew centuries ago.

In this Episode 31 of The Lifting, Christopher S. Jacobs answers questions, Question 1 is about the 'Mass Ascension/Thought Renaissance' promoted by New Age.

Ken Rohla specialises in natural food and supplements for detoxification and holistic cellular regeneration & rejuvenation.

Max Igan is the producer and filmmaker of both, The Awakening (2011) & Trance-Formation (2012),

Explaining the separation and binding of our Female & Male Lightbodies.

Author of The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies. - Dr Nicole Apelian, Ph.D - Biologist & Ecologist - worked as an ethnobotanist & anthropologist in Botswana, as well as spending years with the Kalahari San Bushmen.

Inelia Benz - becoming sovereign co-creators in the new high-frequency paradigm.

Kerry Cassidy - Interviews Juan O Savin 2021-02-12

Quick SP overview of current SA situation @ 2021-01